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WEB Design as its name implies is a professional course that have put food table on so many peoples table. Internet has taken over the world system, even before now, and now that we are in the revolution of 4G and 5G.

So many people wants to learn, many wants to be a professional but failed in the process, not that they don’t know how to design, but because they have failed to understand the rudiments associated with web design.


WEB locally for spider is a trap to get their food

Designing of Website is defined as the planning and implementing the experience that a user will have when interact with a website.

WEB Pages are combination of two or more page/websites

Implementing is when you start putting together your plans. Your users will always be on your mind while planning and implementing a website. The Experience user will be Priority.


  1. Content
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Structure
  4. Function

CCONTENT: refers to images, text, and media: file, video, audio

Note: Use precise language, short and meaningful

        Don’t use big mb for images

AESTHETICS: Placement of things of the content of your website. Its also the positioning of all content of the website.

STRUCTURE: This is the practical implementation of the site itself. It refers to the way in which the different elements of a webpage are put together.

FUNCTION: Is an action oriented part of a website. A stage of interaction by the user and the website. Eg: Download Button, Contact form, feedback form.


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